Want to pay me for a specific amount?

Just add that number to the end of your link.

For example, use:


https://PayPal.Me/projectspoint/75 to to send me £75.00 (my commercial hourly rate)

https://PayPal.Me/projectspoint/350 to to send me £350.00 (my commercial daily rate)

Discounted / Charity

https://PayPal.Me/projectspoint/50 to to send me £50.00 (my charity/discounted hourly rate)

https://PayPal.Me/projectspoint/250 to to send me £250.00 (my charity/discounted daily rate)

Or anything else

https://PayPal.Me/projectspoint/2500 to to send me £2500.00 (my get out of bed fee)

If you must pay me, don’t use Paypal as they charge a princely fee. Use the bank transfer mechanism, which is just as quick and cheap for both parties.