Our Simple Terms

On 25th May 2018, we’ll be updating out terms of service and privacy policies

Thankfully we don’t have time for undecipherable T&Cs or to spellcheck.

If you have a successful career, business or social enterprise ask about the Commercial Plans, suitable for startups and existing businesses that require a man on hand, greater security and rapid response times.


A starter website comprises unlimited posts & pages and all the functionality that is already built in, but not much more. For £2 you get a single domain mapped to your site.

Support via the community forum

You’re happy to DIY
and get on with it


A website that has extra design, functionality or limits lifted just for you.

Support within 48 hours

You’re happy to DIY
but appreciate timely help when needed



A number of websites or extra trimmings, space or functions because this matters to you.

Same day support

You’re happy to DIY
but you appreciate a more hands on
approach when needed 

A good deal of care goes into creating a stable service that is almost always up, come rain or shine.

We have tended to align our terms and conditions, including privacy policies to those operated by wordspress.com, as we use the same core software and networking tools. We’re actively auditing everything as we approach the 25th May 2018, when we expect the new policy to be made live. Our projects include sketchery.uk, projectspoint.co.uk, archaeo.org.uk, heartsdesirescotland.com, ourlocality.org. Each platform has its own policies, and we expect each website to have its own, which will depend on the site’s operator and operation, the plugins and themes employed and the nature of the business operation.

Several layers of backups while you sleep, and a repair man often on the job well before you know there is a problem.

However – please note the BIG PRINT … everything we do on the coffee plans is on

a “best efforts” basis and we recognise and know that bad things can and will happen.

If you have a mission critical project or a business that makes money or your reputation depends on your website, we probably need to talk about a Plus Plan.

What else you were expecting?

Because that is it folks!